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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Costco Basement List

Heres' the list of items that I keep in my basement from Costco. The great thing about this list is that it's the things we use on a normal basis. So even if the rest of our lives go perfectly smooth, I stay employed, Connecticut continues to miss out on natural disasters, theirs no more terrorists attacks, no domestic strife; I haven't wasted a penny, just pre-spent a little bit. It will all get used and I have the peace of mind knowing that we can survive for 3 or 4 months without needing to go anywhere.

I started small with 1 months worth of stuff and worked my way up each trip to 6 month mark. Take it slow, don't over extend yourself and before you know it, you'll be shopping to replenish stocks rather than because your out of anything.

Keep in mind this list is for myself and my wife, based on the things we actually use. You should make your starting list based on the things you actually use and the number of people you have in your household:

advil 4 bottles
aleve 4 bottles
alka seltzer 4 boxes
Body Soap 4 packs (2 bottles each pack)
Cat litter 6 boxes (we have 3 cats)
cinammon 3 large bottles
condensed milk 4 packs
Conditioner 6 bottles
cough drops 4 packs (6 bags per pack, assorted)
Dish soap 6 bottles
Dishwasher soap 4 jugs
Dog Food 4 bags (40 lbs each, supplement dog food with l/o table scraps)
foodsaver bags 4 packs
Hand Soap 6 bottles
honey 3 jugs
Kitchen Trash Bags 6 boxes
lemon juice 4 packs (2 bottles per pack)
Liquid Plumber 6 packs (2 bottles per pack)
listerine 4 packs (2 bottles per pack)
Mountain dew 6 cases (slightly addicted)
Outdoor Trash Bags 6 boxes
Pam Spray 4 packs (2-Pack)
paper plates 6 packs
Paper Towels 6 packs
peppercorns 4 bottles
qtips 6 packs (4 boxes per pack)
Rice Bagged 4 bags
Rice Boxes 6 packs (6 boxes per pack)
salt 6 containers
Shampoo 6 bottles
Spaghetti 6 packs (6 1-lb boxes per pack)
sponges 4 packs
sudafed 6 packs
Toilet Paper 6 packs
vitamins Mens 4 bottles
vitamins Womens 4 bottles
ziploc bags gallon freezer 4 boxes
ziploc bags quart freezer 4 boxes
ziploc bags sandwich 4 boxes


  1. Hi,
    Glad to find another 'prepper' here in CT. Been prepping for about 10 months now, got a good stock going and more to come. I disagree tho, it is not so hard to prep in CT. Most of us have larger homes, plenty of space to be made for storage. Yard size is adequate here too, gardens can be done in the smallest of spaces.
    Looking forward to mmore posts.

  2. Thanks for this great follow-up post CT Preps - I am really glad that you shared your preps and will compare your list (with modifications) to ours! It is always great to have someone else's list to compare your own to!
    Thanks again!

  3. I smiled at your addiction. We suffer from the same addiction! I think that your list is pretty good!(of course we may have to buy more Dew cause you are hoarding it!lol

  4. I love the good old fashioned pantry idea. Sometimes people even had a hidden wall so that the storehouse of extra supplies was not visible to just anyone coming to visit the house. My pantry is in the cellar and though it is not hidden, we do rotate can goods and I had some canned soda down there from a party we never used..Though I will never do that again as the soda ate through the aluminum cans and leaked onto the floor. What a mess! it also told me that if I were to drink old canned soda I must be putting alot of aluminum into my body! So whats worst that or the hormones from the plastic bottles?
    Glad I stopped in and you made me think about what I need to update in my stored supplies. As you never know when the next bad storm will come, blizzard or power failure. It never hurts to be prepaired. I know I feel better with my garden in the yard.
    Thought I would stop in to say hello from NY Preppers. I will be doing an article on winter sowing and over wintering veggies in the garden for an early start on garden goodies to fill in the budget. Cher

  5. I stopped by to see if you shared any more stories on your prepping. I look forward to more post like this and how you are prepping!

  6. Great site and such a good list to use! keep up the good work.

  7. Thank you all for the comments.

    Aphrodite, I meant that it can be difficult to prep in Connecticut, only because I have yet to see a local store you can walk into that carries some of the usually associated things such as Mountain House #10 cans or 55-gallon water drums at that time. I have since found a local source for the 55-gallon food grade plastic water containers located in North Haven. I will be posting more about water and this source shortly.


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