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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water, not having it would really suck

It's really easy to get caught up in "prepping" and find yourself with tons of food stocked away. Theirs all sorts of choices and variety and we all go to the store and buy food on a regular basis.

It's even easier to completely forget about water. Without it, we're done for quickly. Us urban preppers simply turn on a faucet and out comes water brought to us by our local water company. Every three months I get a bill for about $60 and theirs not much more to think about. Their isn't a variety of choices to be made, and I don't have to go anywhere to get it.

But in a SHTF scenario, it wouldn't take long before the water stopped coming. If we're at home caring for our families because of a situation, do you really think the water company employees won't be doing the same. If the water plant has no power and no employees, we won't have water coming to our homes.

What I never realized is that the average American uses 50 to 200 gallons of water per day. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_gallons_of_water_does_an_average_american_use_in_a_day

Obviously, we don't stand a chance of storing up that much. But how little can we get by on?

Well, the recommended 8 8oz glasses a day would be half a gallon, and you'll probably need another half a gallon or more to reconstitute the food you have stored in #10 cans. Not too mention, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, etc...

So even if we're very conservative and say 2 gallons a day, for a three month supply, we would need 180 gallons per adult or more than 3, 55 gallon containers. Problem with these containers is their expensive, usually going for $80 or more, and the shipping tends to cost even more.

But I recently tracked down a local source, located in North Haven called Yankee Plastics:

Now I haven't purchased from them yet, but when I called recently they quoted a price of less than $60 per to buy a small quantity. I'll shortly be picking up 6 myself, it's just a matter of having time as their only open during the week and for that price you have to pick them up.

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