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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seed exchange - And a talk on Bulk Dry Food Storage

Hello Everybody,
I have just found the forum and am very excited. I really want to do an in person meeting and get to meet some fellow preppers.
So I thought a good activity would be a Seed Exchange and a talk on Bulk Dry Food Storage. I will give the talk if you show up.

I do not have a venue yet but I do have a date: Thursday evening February 3rd or 10th at 7:00 pm. Odd it seems, I know but ... its not friday saturday or sunday and its not during daytime hours. So it shouldn't interfere with work or family time, and it is just before the first moon favorable dates for starting garden seeds indoors. Feb 13 - 18 for some plants. then March 14- 19 for the next batch - I will also bring the moon favorable dates chart for starting plans indoors and outdoors for many different types of plants for our area.

spreading successful seed around gives a group like ours the ability to test different varieties and test germination rates and varrying methods. So lets get together have an appetizer and a drink spread some seed and I'll do my best to make plastic buckets interesting. - So please record your methods and results - I will also be posting seed saving techniques throughout the year.
Please make sure any seeds you save are heirloom seeds. - hybrids and GMO's cannot be trusted to continue to propagate.

Venue suggestions would be great.
Talk to you tomorrow

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