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Thursday, February 17, 2011

LISTEN/CHAT THURS NITE: "Canning Dairy & Meat"

Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller.

TONIGHT'S TOPIC: "Canning Dairy and Meat!."

Donna Miller hosts The Grain Storehouse, Your Preparation Station with tonight’s special guest Cherlynn. She is going to give us some great recipes and inspiration to can meat, cheese and dairy. This will be so vital for keeping a good supply without having to rely on the freezer! Your host is full of questions so come learn along with Donna!

The phone lines and chat room will be open for questions, suggestions and tips too. Come contribute, come ask, come share and perhaps pick up some things you'd not thought of before!

Thursday, February 17th.

7:00-8:00PM ET
6:00-7:00PM CT
5:00-6:00PM MT
4:00-5:00PM PT

Call-in Number to listen or join the discussion: 1 (347) 326-9604
Link to listen live or later if you missed it:

It is ALWAYS so GREAT to be in the chat room with so many 'familiar faces' from APN! Thank you for making it when you can!!!

Archived shows (of "Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller") if you've missed any would like to catch up:

Step-by-Step Prep Tips:http://grainstorehouse.com
Prep Tools and Foods: http://millersgrainhouse.com/store
Learn Prep Skills: http://youtube.com/thewheatguy

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