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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs March Reminders

Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs March Reminders

Vegetable, Fruit, and Herb Gardening in March

March is one of the very busiest times of the year in our garden. We are turning over the soil to expose overwintering pests, redesigning beds to make use of good crop rotation practices, and getting early spring food vegetables in the ground. It is a family tradition to get potatoes in the ground by St.Patrick's Day. Peas are already popping their heads up ready to be covered with hay at the first sign of a hard snow or deep freeze, which is always possible with unpredictable Oklahoma weather! The month of March is the transition from winter to spring and highly enjoyed!

* Sow seeds indoors for the following vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant and head lettuce.
* On nice days, go outside and turn the compost pile. This will get it "cooking" again. It will also help you resist the urge to start working the soil too soon.
* Coriander seeds make fragrant additions to potpourri. To grow coriander, sow seeds directly into beds as soon as the danger of frost has passed. The planting should be located in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil. Do not overfertilize coriander, as high nitrogen will result in plants with decreased flavor.
* Parsley is rich in vitamins A and C. Start some seed indoors now for later transplanting to a sunny corner of the vegetable garden.
* Tops of onions seeded last month should be clipped to keep them at about 4 inches. This diverts energy to bulb growth.
* Pick a permanent spot for herbs in the garden. Many of them will come up year after year.
* A good, salt substitute for anyone who wants to restrict sodium intake is a blend of equal parts dried basil, dill, lemon balm, marjoram, mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme and a few dashes of Hungarian paprika. The mixture will keep indefinitely in a dark glass or ceramic container.

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